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Press conference with New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo (3/25/20)

A lot of you requested notes on Andrew Cuomo’s daily press conference, so here they are by popular demand! As you may or may not be aware, Governor Cuomo is now the unofficial president of the east coast. Don’t even bother trying to correct me on that! I SAID WHAT I SAID!

Anyway, here we go…

  • Our current status is that our trajectory for infections is still going up.
  • They are finding that 80% of all of our known positives self resolve, and 15% require hospitalizations. Now, I can’t be the only one looking at those numbers and wondering where the other 5% is? Unless I missed something, this was not addressed in this talking point.
  • They have more hospitalizations than they were originally estimating. This is a concern because it’s a strain on the hospitals.
  • They are currently expecting 140,000 cases coming into the hospitals, but the state of New York only has 53,000 beds.
  • They are currently expecting 40,000 ICU cases, but the state of New York only has 3,000 ICU beds. For the purpose of this discussion, an ICU bed is a bed with a ventilator.
  • Like Dr. Fauci said, we have to flatten the curve. New York will also have to increase hospital capacity. They have been working on this since day one.
  • I’m going to paraphrase a bit here, and say that my boy Andrew basically said to stay the fuck home. Young people, you can get this too. You are not a superhero. You can also transfer it.
  • The parks in NYC have been a problem, because people are not respecting the social distancing guidelines. He asked mayor Deblasio to come up with a plan to stop people from being idiots, and they have come to an agreement to try to mitigate the demand for public spaces. The plan is to close two major streets in each borough to traffic so that people can go outside for fresh air. stupid closing streets shit. I personally do not share their enthusiasm for this idea. But, the pilot program starts tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes.
  • They are now enacting mandatory social density limits in playgrounds. There are no close contact sports allowed. That means no basketball. You cannot do it. No fooling around. This measure is voluntary so far. But if people don’t comply, it will become mandatory, and the playgrounds will be closed. So, be responsible and don’t ruin it for everyone.
  • Evidence suggests that our density controls are working. On Sunday, the evidence suggested that hospitalizations were doubling every 2 days. On Monday, the evidence suggested that hospitalizations were doubling every 3.4 days. On Tuesday, the evidence suggested that hospitalizations were doubling every 4.7 days. Cuomo says this is almost too good to be true. But, he believes that this is a very positive sign.
  • Our distancing measures have been effective and necessary. We are slowing the hospitalization rates.
  • The apex need of hospitalizations is now predicted in 21 days. This is, of course, just a prediction and may change.
  • They are working to ramp up beds, staff and equipment.
  • Beds – between all current sources, if they get optimum results from our current efforts, we could have 119,000 beds available. That still leaves us 21,000 short. They are now also looking at hotels and nursing homes to find room for the other beds.
  • Right now there is enough PPE for all the hospitals in the state. Cuomo says that he believes we are secured for about three weeks.
  • Ventilators – The experts believe that we will need 30,000. There are currently 4,000 in the hospital system. The state has purchased 7,000 and is still shopping. The federal government sent 4,000. They are exploring splitting ventilators like Italy was forced to do if it comes to that point. They are still 17,000 short so far.
  • Staff – They are working on putting together a surge healthcare force. 40,000 people have responded to the call so far. This includes 2,265 physicians, 2,409 nurse practitioners, 938 physician assistants, 328 nurse anesthetists, 160 respiratory therapists, 16,367 RNs, and 4,016 LPNs. Thank you so much to all these true heroes!
  • 6,175 mental health professionals have also signed up to help us deal with our collective trauma during this time. The hotline number to reach a mental healthcare professional is 1-844-863-9314. You can call this number and arrange a time to speak with someone completely for free. Cuomo calls this beautiful, and I agree. Thank you to all of those people. I love New York for this!
  • He says that he has spoken with Trump and Kushner, and he says they were helpful. Everyone is cooperating and doing their best to get through this. Translation: if Cuomo doesn’t say nice things about Trump, he knows Trump will probably have a petty tantrum and literally cause deaths in our state. So, wtf, we love the federal government now! Here’s your participation trophy, Jared!
  • The state has purchased all the ventilators they can purchase, so now we are looking at ways to produce more. It is now a battle against time while all these companies, like Ford and GM, work out how to make these items.
  • “Rolling deployment” – New York is the first place to have a huge infection curve. Rather than saying we need to send ventilators to the whole country, Cuomo believes we should focus on one hot spot at a time. New York is first, and then we will move on to the next state with a terrible curve. We need America’s help, and we will send help in return when this is over. Cuomo promises to personally manage the redeployment of resources when our crisis is over, and will provide technical assistance to all future hot spots that need it.
  • We will send equipment and personnel to future hot spots.
  • Cuomo says the two trillion dollar deal in the senate will be terrible for New York. He says the deal will give us $3.8 billion dollars. He says this will leave us with a revenue shortfall of anywhere from nine billion to fifteen billion dollars. He says the response to the virus has already cost New York state a billion dollars. The relief package the senate is pushing for will only send New York City $1.3 billion, which is a drop in the bucket.
  • Cuomo spoke to our house members today about the state’s budgeting concerns. He says in the house bill, we got 17 billion. In the senate bill, we get 3.8 billion. The senate is claiming that we are a big spending state, which Cuomo says is not true. He says we have the lowest growth rate of a state budget in modern political history. We are frugal and efficient. He told the house that we really need their help. But, I personally think the senate is so focused on bailing out corporations that they may not hear this.
  • The total people tested is now up to 103,479. The total new tests from that number are 12,137 (numbers as of 3/23).
  • 28% of all testing nationwide has been done in New York State. This is more testing than anywhere else in the country.
  • Any hospital in New York can do testing. The drive thru locations have been deployed strategically in areas they expect to see high positives.
  • The total cases in New York state are now 30,811, with 5,146 being new cases.
  • There have been 17,856 cases in New York City. 2,952 of those are new cases as of 3/23.
  • Westchester is now slowing in numbers, which is a positive sign as they were the first place hit.
  • The virus is spreading across the state, as was expected.
  • 12% of the people who tested positive are hospitalized.
  • 3% of all positives are in the ICU. These people are predominantly older, or have pre existing conditions. These people are our parents, family and friends, and Cuomo says that we are going to protect them.
  • The second most impacted state is New Jersey with 3,675 cases. California is third with 2,644 cases.
  • Why are our numbers so high? His personal belief is that it’s because we welcome people from across the globe. We have a lot of international travelers. He believes the virus was here much earlier than we know, and he believes it was circulating here before anywhere else in North America. He also believes it’s because we are all so close. We have a high population density. We have close communities. Our closeness makes us vulnerable. But, he adds that “our greatest weakness is also our greatest strength, and our closeness is what makes us who we are.”
  • Here is a longer quote: “Our closeness is what makes us who we are. That is what New York is. Our closeness is what makes us special. Our acceptance, our openness, is what makes us special. It’s what makes us feel so connected to one another. It’s what makes us so accepting of one another. It is the closeness that makes us the human beings that we are. The closeness is that New York humanity that I think exists nowhere else. The closeness is what makes our sense of community.”
  • He then brought up a touching quote from his father, Mario Cuomo, and I cried ALL THE TEARS! I love this family!


  • QUESTION: Do we have a triage plan?
  • CUOMO: No, we believe we will not have to do that. Our goal is to save everyone.
  • QUESTION: Do we have distribution numbers for FEMA ventilators
  • CUOMO:  The ventilators are going to our stockpile, and will be given to hospitals as needed. We are still focused on acquiring them.
  • Someone accused him of not having ventilators that he should have had. Cuomo called his ass right out and said to get his facts straight. lol
  • QUESTION: How many resolved cases have there been?
  • CUOMO: Hundreds. Cuomo suggests looking at the John Hopkins numbers. Most people will recover. He also mentions that it will be helpful when we can test for the antibodies, because we will then know who can safely return to work.
  • QUESTION: What is the current availability of beds?
  • CUOMO: That is constantly changing, and we have more beds available to deploy if need be.
  • QUESTION: Who will man these ventilators?
  • CUOMO: We are looking for more doctors from all over the country.
  • QUESTION: What about the reports that New York will run out of beds by Friday?
  • CUOMO: We all saw the numbers in the presentation. We have multiple stockpiles of ventilators in the state.
  • QUESTION: Where are volunteer staff being deployed?
  • CUOMO: They are in reserve, we have not deployed them yet because we have not needed to yet.
  • CUOMO: We have relaxed some regulations in order to deal with the pandemic.
  • ME: Get a mic runner! I can’t hear the questions!!!!
  • QUESTION: What about people in jail in New York City?
  • CUOMO: Deblasio is dealing with that.
  • QUESTION: How will you resolve the economic issues here?
  • CUOMO: We need more help. Period.
  • QUESTION: How do you respond to Trump saying the cure is worse than the disease?
  • CUOMO: I believe that it’s part language. No one will say that it is sustainable to keep the country totally closed. It’s not. Everyone agrees that we should do everything we can to save a life. I do not believe that anyone’s life is disposable. He believes that there is a more refined strategy than what we are doing now. He says we have to restart our economy by bringing people who are less at risk back to work. But, basically, he said that there are levels to this shit and we’ll figure it out without killing people.
  • QUESTION: When the feds roll back restrictions does that affect you?
  • CUOMO: The government has done guidelines and let states decide how they handle them. So, basically… he said what they eat don’t make us shit!
  • QUESTION: (paraphrasing) What do you think of the president saying that NYC should basically be treated as a leprosy colony now?
  • CUOMO: (paraphrasing) The whole country has this virus, so you’re not about to treat us like untouchables. NEXT!
  • QUESTION: Will we need to resort to emergency loans?
  • CUOMO: If we don’t get funding, he does not know how we’ll balance the budget. He says this is not a time to play nice in the sandbox. He’s New York tough and he’ll fight for the people of New York. We need more help.


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