Bill De Blasio New York City

Press conference with New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio (3/27/20)

Today I will not be covering the questions at the end of this press conference, because Trump took up so much of my time this evening. Stay tuned for that post, because… WOW. This is also the first time I am putting my recap on this blog first, so hopefully this will help to streamline the formatting a bit better.


  • We need more help and more medical personnel, particularly for our public hospitals.
  • He has spoken with Trump.
  • The most crucial day for us is Sunday, April 5th. He says that after this day, he is afraid that we will need more of everything. This is a make or break day that will determine whether or not we can carry on as a city. He says that right now “we are not there”.
  • QUOTE: “Look, I have tried to work with the president and his team. We have to be working in this moment and agree on a common cause. That doesn’t mean that we agree, TO SAY THE LEAST. But I will always say when the white house does something to help us I will be thankful, and I will give credit when due. And when I think they’re missing something, I’ll say that too.”
  • Y’all, please take a second to unpack the shade in that last quote. Lol
  • CONT. OF QUOTE: “But I do think the notion that any, ANY, message is being put forward that this will be over by Easter is just… unfair. It’s not true. It’s not accurate, and it’s gonna mislead people and raise false hope. I have been honest, as I know the facts to be… that April will be tougher than March, and May could even be tougher than April. And if that becomes less true, if things get better, I’ll be the first to say it. But, I don’t want people to think this is gonna be easy when it’s not gonna be. I think people need to be ready for battle, and the hard truth helps people.”
  • There are 25,573 positive cases in New York City.
  • 366 New York City residents have been lost. That is 366 of our neighbors.
  • We have lost a public school principal, a custodian who works at police headquarters, a member or our transportation team, and a member of our city corrections team.
  • He read a list of all the public servants and nurses we have lost, and I cried because this list will only get longer every day.
  • QUOTE: “The human toll is what matters, and for everyone who says it’s about the economy and getting the economy back up, that’s just wrong. It’s about saving lives first. That’s what we believe here in this city.”
  • QUOTE: “I want to remind everyone, you cannot have an economic recovery if our healthcare system isn’t working. You can’t have an economic recovery if hundreds or thousands of people are dying. You can’t have an economic recovery if city governments and state governments are going bankrupt. That’s the reality we’re facing right now.”
  • The stimulus bill was an important step towards recovery, but we “sure as hell need more” if we’re going to keep our state and city running. We are not where we need to be yet.
  • QUOTE: “If that support doesn’t come, then anyone who harbors the illusion that we can have an economic recovery is putting the cart before the horse, to say the least. Recovery only comes when our people are whole, our people are safe, our healthcare system has recovered, our city and state governments are working… when we’re a functioning nation, that’s when we go into recovery.”
  • Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are already unemployed, and they estimate it will be a half a million of us soon.
  • In the great depression, the unemployment levels in New York City hit 25%. We are well on the way to approaching that number here now.
  • If ever there was a time for a rent freeze, “it would be now”. He says we need a rent freeze for everyone who is rent stabilized, and have a conversation about freezing rent for everyone else as well. He says he will be having a conversation with the state about this immediately. (For those of you reading this who do not rent, he is speaking about freezing the mandatory rent increases on lease renewals. This means that if the state approves this measure, no one’s rent will go up in the next year. This does not mean we will not owe rent!)


  • Thank you to the federal government for sending us 2,500 ventilators.
  • HOWEVER, based on all available data, New York City will need 15,000 ventilators. So, folks… we ain’t there yet!
  • Last night, the talking anal wart he have in charge of our country (my words) said that he does not believe New York state will need 30,000 ventilators. Let’s be clear on this, De Blasio agrees with Cuomo. And, although Bill can’t say this in so many words, I can… Trump is wrong as wrong can be, and there is a special place for him in hell!
  • QUOTE: (this quote is prefaced by commentary about the situation in Elmhurst) “I do want to say that the president knows that area, his family coming from Queens, and he made very clear that he’s familiar with Elmhurst hospital and the area around it. I want to keep asking the president to keep Elmhurst hospital in mind, and realize that today it’s Elmhurst hospital in Queens, tomorrow it’s gonna be other hospitals in the city, and soon it’s gonna be hospitals in other parts of the country, and… since he can understand and relate to the borough of Queens, let that be the touchstone. Let that be the example that moves the federal government to maximum effort immediately.”
  • He thanks Trump for using the Defense Production Act to force GM to produce ventilators, and this begs the question… has Trump been lying about GM cooperating for the past few days? I would love it if someone from Detroit (my birth place) could weigh in on this!
  • There have been amazing efforts to make our own PPE at Brooklyn Navy Yard, but he needs more help from the federal government.
  • We have enough PPE to get to April 5th, but we need more PPE to get past that day.
  • As I type, 20 trucks are on the road delivering critical supplies to our hospitals.
  • All help is welcome, from anywhere in the world. If you have any PPE to donate, please call 1-833-NYC-0040. We need help immediately. If you have anything to give, please call.
  • 64 additional clinicians were sent to Elmhurst hospital today. Tomorrow 105 additional nurses will be sent to Elmhurst hospital.
  • The department of health website now has a map of all the hot spots around the city, but he says this information is only telling part of the story because of inconsistent testing procedures.
  • We know that some areas are showing up as hotspots because of their proximity to a hospital. He says that we know this is what’s happening with Elmhurst. People are going there because they know it’s a good hospital.


  • We will continue to reduce our jail population.
  • By tonight, 450 inmates will have been released during this crisis.
  • He says that the majority of people have been respecting social distancing at our parks. But, the NYPD has been instructed to break up groups, gatherings, crowding and group sports.
  • They will be making a decision this weekend about whether or not they need to start fining people for not respecting the rules. The proposed fines would be up to $500 per incident. This means that if any member of the NYPD or the Parks Enforcement officers tells you to move along and you don’t do it, you will be fined.
  • After tomorrow night, they are going to make a decision about whether or not to keep playgrounds open.
  • Most churches have complied with social distancing. But, a small number of religious communities are still not complying. If you go to church this weekend in a large gathering, you will be broken up by the fire department or the NYPD.
  • Yesterday he was upset to learn that Spectre and THOSE GARBAGE BAGS AT ALTICE were preventing people from getting the internet they need to allow their children to learn at home. He has good news for us. He says he has stepped forward and stopped that practice. GOOD. Altice is THE WORST!
  • Thank you to the 750 clinicians working the phones at the health and hospitals hotline. In the last week, they have taken 23,000 calls. They are addressing people’s concerns about the virus and giving medical advice as to how people should handle their symptoms. In the event that someone needed to go to a hospital, they are also addressing where to go. (I don’t have this number, but I am sure you can get it from 311)
  • His spanish was extra cringe today. I’m white AF, and even I think his accent is hilarious.


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